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Brainstorming blog post ideas from the top of your head just goes too far. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to get into your reader’s head to produce post suggestions that you know would be useful and important.

Here are few blogging post ideas

Research Google autosuggest results.

Open a “incognito window” in your web browser and check Google for subjects that you’re interested in writing about. Google can auto-suggest keyword phrases that users are already looking for when you do. This are great for editing the blog post names.

For example, when you type “How to Wine” in Google, here’s the auto-suggest results you see:

You could write a post called “The Beginner’s Guide to Wine Tasting in Napa” or use a direct term for a piece on “How to Wine Taste in Napa.” By using what people are currently typing in Google, you’ll improve your odds of ranking in the search results.

Peruse what people’s social networks mean.

A gold mine of knowledge are Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Search the subjects to see what people think about their issues, needs and wishes. Take these blog ideas from there.

Visit the book reviews on Amazon.

Find the best 3-5 Amazon books covering subjects in your blog and/or your followers enjoy them. Look at the written reviews and look at a) what people have learned and b) what they still want to learn about this subject. To fill out the information gap you should write a short, insightful article.

Check out questions on Quora that people ask.

Quora is a popular website of Q&A. And on Quora there are several problems. It is estimated that almost 11 million questions have been raised, and this figure is increasing every day. Such a search of the blog topics and take care of the questions users ask and re-post in blog articles, similar to the other policies of this paper.

Read the business books’ table of contents.

Take a look in books, especially at the table of contents, at your Amazon theme. The names of the chapters are supposed to attract people to your thoughts and encourage you.

Discover the volume of keywords for Google.

You can search for keywords and phrases in the Google Keyword Planner and can also be used to create fresh ideas for keywords.

For eg, our team concentrates on “customer travel,” which takes 880 searches on average per month. Here are the findings, after you have plugged “customer trip” to get new keyword ideas:

Volume of keyword

“Everything you need to know about customer travel mapping” or “How to understand the customer decision journey” things that can be generated from this collection.

Get the idea? Turn keywords into clickable, irresistible post titles for your blog.

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