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Online money making guide is what you need if you are looking to make money online.

If you are one of the many thousands of people who are currently looking for a new career direction, then you may be tempted by the thought of working at home and generating your income online. If you are, then welcome to this article as you are probably also looking for an online money making guide.

Online money making guide – what to do – and what NOT to do

Within this article I will be your guide to online marketing and will show you definite tips and strategies if you are serious about Internet Marketing. In reality, although you can buy books, ebooks and you can also subscribe to internet marketing courses that teach working online, there is no better alternative than application and experience.

Before you undertake any new career change – seriously consider your goals and level of motivation.

Whilst anything in this world can be learned – it will require a serious level of motivation if you are to succeed.

Assuming you DO have the required level of motivation and you have set realistic goals, then please read on –

Here are my 3 advice tips – especially if you are new to Internet Marketing and require an online money making guide.

Research Affiliate Marketing – If you search on Google for Affiliate Networks you will be spoilt for choice. These are companies who act as the intermediary between the publishers and the advertisers. Some of the publishers may be famous brand names and so this is your opportunity to promote recognised brands and get paid accordingly. The Affiliate Network will pay you on a Cost per Action basis. This may be cost per sale, cost per email or even cost for each Zip Code acquired. This can be very profitable if you can learn to drive huge volumes of traffic to the offers. In fact, the entire sales process is taken care of including the supply of professional banner adverts that will have your Affiliate code embeded in order to track your performance and receive your commission.

Learn Traffic Generating Methods – Those who you read about who make fortunes online – are those who become experts at driving traffic to websites and converting that traffic into sales. There are numerous methods of generating traffic, but if you are starting out, then you are best to learn the FREE methods first, before you start buying your traffic with media buys. If you can find an expert mentor online, you can get the best online training.

Develop a daily method of activity – Assuming you can find yourself a mentor to teach you either the basics or advanced principles of Internet Marketing – you will then be able to determine income producing activities that fit your style of working and fit your budget. In fact, once you have established your preferred methods of driving traffic, you can allocate your working time – to a specific daily method of activity. This is like keeping a diary of hours worked and tasks accomplished.

Eventually, by following a daily method of activity and concentrating on the best income producing activities, your efforts will start to be rewarded. You will soon have a daily constant flow of traffic, prospects and sales.

Best Tip for Success – Many successful internet marketers have used an online video tutorial system as their online money making guide

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